Pname com svox Langpack Installer

Text to speech is a tool to transcribe text to speech on smartphones which makes it easy to easy convert words you write to a speech for you. However, the…

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Pname com Google Android voicesearch

How to Fix Pname com Google Android Voicesearch

Don’t be panic with Pname com Google Android voicesearch¬†folder package in your hidden files. It’s not a virus and neither is it a malware. It’s a mere package name to…

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Facebook Katana

What you Should Know About Facebook Katana

You do not have to delete the Facebook katana folder name, com.facebook.katana when you come across it on your phone. The folder name is not a virus and it doesn’t…

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Go Pro SMS is a phone professional contacts, SMS, themes, wallpaper, and background picture manager for Android and iOS device with a package name So, if you are seeing…

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How I Fixed “Facebook Not Working”

Do not feel devastated when your Facebook app stopped working for no reason and you couldn’t log into your Facebook account on the mobile app. If the not working problem…

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