Do I Need A Bank Statement To Apply For US Visa?

Before applying for a US visa, there are a number of requirements which you must meet.

Depending on the type of US visa that you are applying for, you will probably have need to attend an interview at the US embassy, and in most cases, you will be asked to provide financial evidence that you can afford your visit to the U.S, in the form of bank statements of course.

Now, having said this, do I need a bank statement to apply for US visa?

Let’s read on to find out…

Do I Need A Bank Statement To Apply For Us Visa?

According to what an article written by says, the different types of US visas may require different documentation, for example, if you’re applying for a student visa, you would be required to provide proof of your school offer.

Added to this, you will also need to provide financial proof that you can afford to live in the US during your period of study and that you are capable of paying any fees related to your course of study.

You can also prove availability of funds through a sponsorship (such as a relative willing to financially back your education). And evidence that this sponsor can afford to do so.

But, if you are entering the US for a short visit such as tourism, you will not be asked to provide financial statements.

However, for other types of visas such as a study visa mentioned above and then a work visa, you will be required to show that you can financially support yourself throughout your stay in the US.


If you are planning to study in the US but do not have sufficient funds, you can have a sponsor support you instead.

Many international students have a sponsor, such as a family member, to help cover their educational expenses. Sponsors can be located inside or outside the US.

There are also a lot of available scholarships that are created specifically for international students. You just have to make sure you’re eligible for them.

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Applying For A Job In The US

Do I Need A Bank Statement To Apply For US Visa

Like we earlier noted, it is important to check what documentation is required for the type of US visa that you are applying for, as the requirements can vary a great deal.

For example, if you are taking a job in the US, you will need to provide proof of this; such as a letter from your employer that shows what position you will be taking, your salary, the length of the employment etc. as well as your bank statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s briefly look at the most commonly asked questions related to needing a bank statement to apply for US visa, shall we?

How much bank balance is required for US visa?

There are no specific rules for any minimum or maximum balance requirement for your bank account, but peoples’ experiences say that between 5 to 10k$ is enough to show.

Does embassy check bank statement?

The embassy will check your bank statement depending on the type of visa you’re applying for.

How many months bank statements do I need for a visa?

You must submit 6 months of bank statements that clearly show your monthly salary and financial commitments. There must not be any large deposits of cash other than your salary.

Total savings must be at least twice your proposed trip expenses.


As we have discussed above, needing a bank statement to apply for US visa depends on the type of visa you’re applying for.

If it’s an immigration visa you may need some proof of assets, and a bank statement can often do that.

For a tourist visa you may need 2-3 months of bank statements though they are not often looked at.

Fake bank statements are easily detected and are a dead giveaway that you are a bad applicant.

People who bring in fake or phony documents get notes in their file indicating that they forged documents and are unlikely to get a visa for many years.

I hope from this article we were able to pick useful information on whether you need a bank statement to apply for US visa, now let’s go ahead to put this information to use.