What Do I Need To Apply For A U.S. Visa In Jamaica?

What do I need to apply for a U.S. visa in Jamaica?

If you’re a Jamaican who wants to travel to the States but have little or no knowledge of how to obtain a U.S. visa in your country, say less!

The United States is one of Jamaicans most immigrated countries, especially to cities like Florida and New York.

And in today’s article, I’ll be sharing with you all of the requirements –the mandatory documents, as well as the direct procedure laid out by the agencies to follow.

Oh –and spoiler alert –you’ll be going for a medical exam.

But don’t fret. They are very simple and I’ll also tell you what to expect.

What Do I Need To Apply For U.S. Visa In Jamaica?

Step 1: Register Your Appointment Online

The first step is registering your appointment here  – providing them with the information they need to refund you your passport after the interview.

After registering, you can cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Step 2: The Medical Exam In Jamaica

What Do I Need To Apply For A U.S. Visa In Jamaica

Next, you should be scheduling your medical exam with;

Andrews Memorial Hospital [Approved Clinic]
27 Hope Road
Kingston 10

Call this telephone numbers for more inquiries;

  • (876) 920-7638
  • (876) 920-7688
  • (876) 920-7687
  • (876) 926-7401
  • (876) 926-7402
  • (876) 920-7689
  • (876) 926-7403

NOTE: You MUST schedule and attend the exam at this facility before your interview.

Also, you’ll be needing the following items for the medical exam:

  • Your passport
  • The visa interview appointment letter
  • Four current passport-sized photographs (color)
  • DS-260 confirmation page
  • A copy of your immunization records
  • Most recent prescription

Step 3: Documents For Your Interview

You must provide the required documents below:

  • The original copies of birth certificates for all children of the principal applicant (even if he or she is not accompanying).
  • A copy of your NVC interview letter. This requirement is not for Diversity Visa, adoptive, fiancé(e), or asylee/refugee applicants.
  • Valid passport for six months beyond your intended date of entry. Also, you will need a photocopy of the biographic page that holds your names and photo.
  • A four 2 inch x 2 inch or 5 cm x 5 cm color passport-size photographs of each person applying for a visa.
  • DS-260 confirmation page.
  • Original and photocopy of your birth certificate.

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In summary, the medical examination contains a physical examination, medical history review, blood tests, and chest X-ray –for ONLY applicants from 15 years and above.

Again, be transparent when discussing your medical history; the previous medications you took, as well as the current treatment you’re undergoing.

The States will also need tuberculosis (TB) testing for all applicants from two years and above.