Go Pro SMS is a phone professional contacts, SMS, themes, wallpaper, and background picture manager for Android and iOS device with a package name

So, if you are seeing the in your phone file manager or using ES File Explorer it means you have the Go Pro SMS application installed on your phone.

The implication of this package name is to help manage Go Pro SMS application on your phone and all information contained in it as well as what you have done using the app.

This Pname com jb goSMS is similar to the Facebook Messenger app folder package name, Pname com Facebook Orca to restore deleted chats, pictures, emojis, emoticons, and other Facebook chat information.

If you are encountered with Facebook not working here is a link to fix it up in a moment.

The first thing you need to know is that all apps have package names so that the app database on the phone the app installed can be easily identified. Meanwhile, if you are bothered with the com.facebook.appmanager here is a guide I shared on how to fix and disable the package name.

Pname com jb goSMS is no different. It’s a package name containing all your Go SMS Pro information on your smartphone.

This could also cause a problem the moment the app stopped working and start showing However, to fix the com.jb.goSMS error message is not far-fetched.

Following the procedure in this article, you will be able to fix the error once and for all and restore Go SMS pro back to a default settings without deleting your personal configuration.

IS a Virus?

Firstly, you need to know that the Go SMS pro package name Pname com JB GoSMS is not a virus and you should not delete it. However, the hidden package name is not visible if the hidden feature is disabled on your phone file manager or EX file Explorer.

So, you can only see the pname com jb goSMS name when the Go SMS Pro starts having problems with your phone which you need to resolve to bring the app back to normal.

How to Fix

Here is how to fix Pname com JB GoSMS popup error message on Android smartphones.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on the phone apps or applications manager
  • Tap on the more option and select reset app preferences
  • Click on reset apps
  • Scroll down to Go SMS Pro
  • Click on storage
  • Tap the clear caches option

Now, restart the Go SMS Pro app and the error message will be cleared. Note that, the reset app preferences help to fix all error affecting individual app on your phone while selecting a single app, say, Go SMS Pro helps to fix the package name error message on the Go SMS Pro app.

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