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They are a lot of problems you can face using an Android phone. Most especially, if you have a lot of apps installed on your phone. A few of the common Android problems include the has stopped, error popping up whenever you launch the Facebook Messenger app. You also have to talk about the GoSMS Pro package name, the

Another popular error message on Android that most people noticed is the Facebook app manager error message causing your phone to crash most times. In my own case, when I noticed the Facebook app manager problem, the com.facebook.appmanager automatically restart my Android phone multiple numbers of times per hour.

So, the essence of the error message that says, unfortunately, has stopped is not a new thing and there is obviously a valid way to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, has stopped

Note: The first thing to know where you are faced with has stopped error message on your Android phone is that this doesn’t occur because you have been attacked by a virus or a malware or a Trojan or whatsoever.

So, do not be panic and rush to format your phone all in the name of you trying to fix the, unfortunately, has stopped. All you have to do is take a glass of water and relax.

This post gets you cover and it provides the fastest way to resolve the issue very fast without consulting an expert or go to a repair shop.

Unfortunate has Stopped

Here are the few ways to fix the error message on your misbehaving Android phone telling you that the device has stopped when not under a virus attack.

Clear Phone Caches

The most problem caused on Android devices are initiated by caches. Clearing your device caches often can save you from a whole lot of headache. It can save your day from being ruined.

If the problem is not caused by other apps due to a virus attack or a loophole created in an installed app, clearing phone caches and delete phone data can help resolve most known and unknown issues.

Therefore, the first step to take when this happens is to clear your phone caches to fix it. This procedure works for most Android phones. If you ain’t running a custom ROM, this should work for you.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on apps or applications manager
  • Click on the drop menu and select all apps
  • Tap on the more option besides the gear settings tap
  • Tap “reset app preferences”
  • Tap reset apps

Once this is done error message will disappear from your phone. Note, while you selected reset app preferences a notification will pop up about what the option will do on your phone.

Just don’t worry as this won’t affect your phone and it won’t delete any of your information. The essence is to help fix issues like the has stopped,, com.facebook.appmanager, and the rest of them.

Clear SIM Tool Kit

Although the above procedure works for this also. But, being an option created by the SIM toolkit, then, clearing its own caches separately after the general approach also increases the chance of getting things fixed in no time.

  • Go to settings >> apps >> SIM Tool Kit
  • Tap on storage
  • Click on clear caches

If you don’t have much information to lose you can even tap clear data. Note that this clear data option will clear off your personal information you input into the app and not the pre-installed information on it.

Fix with Custom Recovery Option

Like I said earlier, if you are using a custom recovery you may possibly run into has stopped error message. That is the more reason why it is of a great advice to know what you are doing before you flash a custom ROM on your phone.

However, when this occurs, a tool like AROMA file manager is what you need to fix the error message. The AROMA file manager works similar to SIM Tool Kits which is used to clear caches on smartphones or delete a temporary folder on your device.

Here, you can download the latest AROMA file manager and use it to fix the emerging temporary folders or caches error message on your Android phone.

Here is how to use AROMA File Manager

Format your Phone

I personally do not recommend this. This should be the last option you should take and it should be only when none of the above steps works. Otherwise, you may discover that the above steps works and you have formatted your phone.

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